Sassy Facts - Commentary and Trivia 1-10

I didn't want to include my commentary with my comics because I like them to speak for themselves, but I do know some people like to know the back stories and other fun little factoids about the strips. So this page is dedicated to explaining all that! Hope you enjoy!

#1 - This was not the first strip I ever drafted, but I thought it was a great introduction to Emmy's character and the way her parents feel toward her. Plus it alludes to the title of the strip, so it was a good launching point.

#2 - I have heard so many stories from other parents, and had my own experiences, too, with little kids telling people not to smoke. They're not held back by social norms, and as valuable as polite manners are, sometimes it seems like the way kids "tell it like it is" does a better job. They can get away with it because they are still so cute. In fact, in some of my later drafts of this comic Emmy was starting to look closer to five or six (I guess having my own daughter grow 2 years between the first draft and the final had an effect on my portrayal of her). Somehow it wasn't as funny. I had to shorten her legs and make sure her innocence added to the surprise factor of her blunt request.

#3 - I have had SO many times where I felt like super-mom and worst mother of the year, all in the same day. I think a lot of moms can relate!

#4 - I came up with a version of this idea years before I created Emmy. I had totally forgotten about it until I was searching for a draft of Sassy Pants I had recently drawn and filed. I have a folder labeled "Comics," (which seemed a natural place to look, but was not where the draft was) and found this tucked in there instead. I thought it fit quite naturally into the series! I've always found the concept of the "ten-second rule" amusing with the idea that germs wouldn't have time to get onto dropped food so long as you pick it up fast enough.

#5 - Our eldest child spent 15 months of her baby-hood on the road with us. We stayed in little studio apartments most of the time, where there was no place to put her to sleep in her own room. This made it difficult for us to do anything because as long as the lights were on and anything was going on in the room she just could not fall asleep. She would stand in her pack-n-play and fuss and cry, but as soon as we turned off the light, the crying would cease, and a moment later we would hear a "thud" as she collapsed and curled up for sleep. So we started calling her our "solar powered baby."

#6 - Several of my kids would have been top of the class in a pre-school debate camp. They are just too gifted for their own good at arguing.

#7 - ...No comment. I basically just needed to announce the start of the "Disneyland Saga."

#8 - This story is legendary among my siblings. My brother did this to my parents on at least one of the many family trips we took.

#9 - I grew up flying a lot because my dad is a Pilot, so when my kids all got nervous on airplanes, I never quite got it. 

#10 - My husband hates twirly rides, but I love them! Admittedly, I've been less able to stomach them since getting older. Funny but sad fact, on our last day at Disneyland the summer I did this sequence, I took my little girl (on whom Emmy is based) on the teacups ride and it did make her throw up! She hadn't been feeling well, but she wanted to go on one last ride before I took her home to the hotel to rest. Guess I didn't have my mommy thinking cap on very well to see that one coming!

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