About "Sassy Pants"

At the time I launched this comic, I had been a mom for 15 years, and was on my 5th and final preschooler. Even though I've loved having teens and grade school kids, there is something magical about those carefree early years, something I knew I would miss when it was all over. I think that's why I started writing "Sassy Pants."

I drafted my first strip when my youngest was 2, anticipating the kind of 4-year-old she might become. She had been a firecracker from the beginning, full of fun and giggles and sass, and a perfect mix of girly-girl and tomboy. But it wasn't until she was the same age as Emmy that I decided to start sharing her antics online. Some of the strips are inspired by actual happenings from our family, some are just general musings on the ups and downs of parenthood.

Aside from thanking my youngest daughter who inspires most of Emmy's personality, I should also thank my eldest, who is the main reason I started publishing this comic. She has laughed at every drafted strip I have ever written. Through the busy years when I never really had time to draw or write, she encouraged me consistently, and was always my best audience. I could never have even attempted this without her cheering me on.

A new "Sassy Pants" is published every weekend, so be sure and check back for more!

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